Amazon's Upcoming Passkeys Integration: A Leap in User Experience and Security

Amazon's Upcoming Passkeys Integration: A Leap in User Experience and Security

As global e-commerce behemoths continually evolve to improve user experience (UX) and security, Amazon is set to introduce passkeys — a testament to their commitment towards a seamless yet secure user journey. With sneak peeks into their FAQs on this new feature, the industry speculates a full-fledged rollout soon. Here's what this significant change might entail and why it aligns with Amazon's strategic moves.

Why Integrating Passkeys Makes Strategic Sense for Amazon

1. Reaching Diverse User Demographics

Amazon's vast user base spans diverse backgrounds. A large segment may not be tech-savvy. By introducing passkeys, Amazon bridges the gap between enhanced security measures (curbing account fraud) and user-friendly interfaces.

2. Following the Passkey Momentum

Leading tech giants, such as GitHub, TikTok, and KAYAK, have already embraced passkeys. Their transition showcases the industry's shift towards this innovative login methodology. For an in-depth review of device readiness for passkeys, explore our blog post on passkey-readiness.

3. Leveraging Conditional UI

The late 2022 introduction of Conditional UI is now a prominent feature on many devices. By potentially incorporating this feature, Amazon can further streamline the login process for diverse users.

Anticipated Rollout: September 2023 Coinciding with iOS 17 Update?

While the passkey-related FAQs were promptly retracted post-discovery, they still linger on Google's indexes:

Amazon Passkeys Google Search Index

These FAQs, already translated into multiple languages, including German (see the following screenshot), indicate a well-prepared rollout plan.

Given these breadcrumbs, industry insiders predict that Amazon might introduce passkeys around the anticipated iOS 17 update in September 2023. While iOS and Android devices, boasting high passkey-readiness and synced passkeys, are expected to be the initial beneficiaries, it remains to be seen if desktop browsers and devices will follow suit (PayPal recently followed a similar strategy).

It's unlikely that Amazon will push for a pure passkey sign-up, discarding password creation entirely. The prevailing trend among e-commerce platforms is to maintain password options during account creation, ensuring users have a familiar backup login method. However, knowing Amazon's penchant for innovation, we might be in for a surprise.

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