Why Corbado?

Corbado offers

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Corbado takes care of

Cross-platform usage

Platform detection and management

  • Detection of platform and operating system

  • Ensure that users can login from any platform (web, native apps) and operating system (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux)

  • Knowledge about platform’s passkey-readiness

User guidance at new device login

  • Recommend preferred login on a certain platform

  • Guide to alternatives if passkeys are not available or user does not want to use them on current platform

Platform-specific alternatives

  • Provide support and alternatives on all platforms

  • Provide alternative to passkey sharing via Bluetooth / QR codes

  • Cover edge cases (e.g. old OS versions)

Corbado ensures

Backwards compatibility

Compatibility detection

  • Detect passkey-readiness, platform authenticators and Conditional-UI-readiness

  • Suggest other user devices that are compatible with passkeys

Familiar login flows

  • Promote passkey login on suitable devices while offering other login options on older devices

  • Focus on providing known authentication flows on all devices while promoting passkeys

Corbado ensures

Quick integration

No passkey know-how required

  • No need to read through lengthy technical standards and docs

  • No need to work through tutorials and reference implementations (otherwise very time consuming as there is no central starting point)

Product intelligence out-of-the-box

  • Intelligent cross-device and cross-platform flows

  • Pre-built UI components (e.g. with Conditional UI) and user communication

No maintenance for infrastructure & code

  • Corbado sets up and maintains the FIDO server

  • Corbado automatically updates infrastructure and code

  • Reliable, blazing fast email and SMS delivery with spam folder prevention and phone number / email address validation

Corbado improves

UX handling

Device & user preference management

  • User-specific device detection and management

  • Detection and storing of preferred authentication method for a device

  • Notification about new devices and login attempts

User communication

  • Pre-defined and tested messages to educate users about what is going to happen

  • Continuously updated user messages to new standard phrasing

  • Avoidance of confusing hardware security key prompts by disabling roaming authenticators

Customizable design

  • Application of corporate identity, e.g. to email templates

  • Flexible adaption of pre-built UI components

  • Integration of Corbado's APIs into existing frontend design

Corbado guides the

User transition

Passkeys promotion

  • Detect devices to determine technical passkey readiness

  • Smoothly ask users to use passkeys

Hybrid authentication

  • Manage device-specific, preferred login methods

  • Hybrid authentication by allowing password and passkey login to be run in parallel

Go fully passwordless

  • Prevent new users to sign-up with passwords

  • Offer to delete passwords from database for existing users

Corbado provides

Recovery services

Self-service password resets

  • Re-use of existing password reset flows

  • Provisioning of passwordless login (e.g. passkeys, email magic link, SMS OTP) instead of coming up with a new password

(Passwordless) fallback options

  • Login fallbacks with existing password flow or other passwordless alternatives in case of errors

  • Authentication guranteed in case users have never set a password

Our offer

Security and privacy built-in.

We protect you and your customer's privacy. Only an ID is required. Biometric information never leaves the device.

Made in Germany

Corbado is based in Munich. We host our solutions in Germany (no Amazon or Google Cloud).

Support and availability

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and provide support in English & German in every plan.

Highest data protection

We guarantee GDPR compliance. No unnecessary data collection.

100% encrypted

Your data is safe with us. All data being in transit and on our servers are encrypted. Backups are performed regularly.

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