WhatsApp Set to Introduce Passkeys: A Shift in User Authentication

WhatsApp Set to Introduce Passkeys: A Shift in User Authentication

WhatsApp is taking significant strides towards bolstering both its login security and user experience (UX) with the introduction of passkeys. Screenshots from a recent Android beta version suggest that the messaging giant will soon support this feature. Dive deeper to understand the strategy behind this move and how WhatsApp might approach the rollout.

Why Passkeys for WhatsApp?

For Meta (formerly Facebook), the parent company of WhatsApp, this decision is logical. Many users seldom, if at all, use their WhatsApp passwords. Given this, the transition to passkeys appears to be a low-risk initiative. Moreover, a large proportion of devices with WhatsApp are mobiles, most of which are equipped to handle passkeys—a fact corroborated by our latest data analysis on passkey-readiness. The integration could very well be a precursor to a broader rollout across Meta's platforms, potentially setting the stage for Instagram and Facebook (as many other tech platforms have recently rolled out passkeys, too, e.g. TikTokKAYAK, Shopify).

WhatsApp Passkeys Beta

The Strategic Advantage of Passkeys for WhatsApp

Reflect on the last time you used your WhatsApp password—or if you even set one up. Chances are, it hasn't been frequently. However, many users regularly engage with WhatsApp's desktop version. The current process involves scanning a QR code and waiting for a synchronization, which many find cumbersome and glitch-prone. Introducing passkeys, especially those synced through a cloud provider (e.g. Apple iCloud Keychain or Google Password Manager), could eliminate the need for manual QR scans, offering a seamless login experience.

Anticipated Rollout Plans

This exciting update was spotted in WhatsApp's beta version for Android (Version While a specific release date remains under wraps, it's safe to speculate that if WhatsApp is on the brink of launching passkeys, other Meta platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, might soon follow suit.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to monitor these developments closely.

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