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Passkeys transition

Transition your existing password and 2FA users AI-based to passkeys in <1h with Corbado. Keep your data and existing authentication in place.

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No data migration

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Passkeys transition
intelligent transition strategy added in <1 hour

How does Corbado manage the transition?


No one is left behind

Users who want to stick with their passwords can do so, while everyone else can benefit from passkeys.


No data migration

Your user data stays in your database, so you don't need a big migration project. Corbado only takes care of the transition to passkeys.


AI-based transition

Based on data about passkey-readiness and user preferences, the best user-specific switch to passkeys is determined.

Fallback methods for passkey authentication
User-specific passkey transition

Stop worrying about a transition strategy

Corbado provides the smoothest user transition to passkeys. Every user is individually offered to switch to passkeys to minimize friction.

  1. Passwords stay during the transition

    During the transition, password users can still use their passwords if they are on non-passkey devices.

  2. Passkey-first approach

    Everyone who wants to use passkeys can do so. Other passwordless login methods are used as preferred fallback.

keep your existing authentication

Easy integration with your existing user base

No need to replace your existing authentication. Corbado serves as lightweight authentication layer and manages the transition for you.

  1. Connect via webhooks or via passkey association

    Corbado communicates with your existing authentication system via webhooks or passkey association.

  2. Future-proof UI and no backend change

    Offer a future-proof UI that covers passkey transition in the most CX-friendly way, while your backend stays untouched.

Cross-device passkeys

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