X (Previously Known as Twitter) introduces Passkeys

X (Previously Known as Twitter) introduces Passkeys

Leading tech companies consistently innovate to enhance user login security and streamline UX. Standing at the forefront of this evolution, X, previously known as Twitter, is gearing up to introduce passkeys. Recent observations by app decoders suggest that beta versions of X are testbeds for this imminent feature. Dive in with us to explore the rationale behind this move and the strategies for its implementation.

Why does X introduce Passkeys?

Post its acquisition by Elon Musk, Twitter underwent significant transformation, including a rebranding to "X." Also, the controversial decision to withdraw 2FA via SMS, a move speculated to be a cost-saving measure, took place recently. However, the decision was met with considerable backlash, with concerns about diminished security and the potential for increased account breaches.

Passkeys present a solution to these challenges. They eliminate the substantial transactioal costs associated with SMS-based authentication. Moreover, they offer a more user-centric approach.

Additionally, considering the majority of X's user base predominantly interacts through mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, these devices emerge as the perfect candidates for the initial phase of a comprehensive passkeys rollout. Recent trends, like PayPal's strategy of primarily offering passkeys to mobile users, underline this thought process. Implementing passkeys can also vastly improve the cross-device experience, particularly when integrated with synchronized passkeys from cloud accounts like Google Password Manager, Apple iCloud Keychain, and contemporary password managers like 1Password and Dashlane.

Passkeys on X: What's Next?

Though there's no official announcement regarding the launch date for X’s passkey feature, the platform is expected to roll out passkeys soon. The rapid adoption of passkeys by other tech behemoths, such as GitHub, Google, and TikTok, only strengthens this prediction.

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