Optimize your users' transition to passkeys with Conditional UI

Optimize your users' transition to passkeys with Conditional UI

Conditional UI allows the user interface to display only login options where the user's authenticator has registered credentials registered with the website or app. The following article explains how this concept can be used to smooth the transition to passkeys.

What is Conditional UI?

Conditional UI, a new mode for WebAuthn, is designed to solve the bootstrapping problem that arises when replacing traditional username and password with passkeys. This mode displays a credential selection UI only when the user's authenticator has a credential registered with the website or app. This credential is then shown alongside autofilled passwords, meaning websites can make a WebAuthn call while displaying a regular password prompt without running the risk of showing a modal dialog error in the event the device lacks appropriate credentials.

Boost the CX for passkey transition

For passkey transition, the concept called “Conditional UI” is introduced to optimize the customer experience for everyone. Non-passkey logins must still be possible as not everyone will immediately switch to passkeys. However, Conditional UI avoids an extra passkey button. It lets your browser display all available passkeys in an “auto-fill” dropdown that opens directly under the username field of a login form. If no passkey is available, the user needs to type in the email address and password (as it is now). If a passkey is available, it can be selected from the dropdown and the passkey authentication flow via Face ID or fingerprint starts. Basically, passkeys can be "hidden" behind the username field. The application will not be able to distinguish between the user not having a passkey or choosing not to reveal it.

To aid in the transition from passwords to passkeys, Conditional UI integrates with password-based authentication and leverages user familiarity with the UX. Applications can employ passkeys opportunistically without the fear of generating a poor customer experience if there is not an already registered passkey available.


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