How to use passkeys on your Apple Watch

How to use passkeys on your Apple Watch

With macOS Ventura, Apple ushers the passwordless future with passkeys. In this article, we'll show how passkeys can be used on the Apple Watch as the latest device from the Apple cosmos, after they were previously available with Face ID and Touch ID on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Passkeys on macOS Ventura

With macOS Ventura, Apple launched its latest macOS update a week ago. One of the many new features is that passkey logins are now available by using an Apple Watch. After the passwordless login with Touch ID or Face ID was already supported on Mac, iPhone and iPad, users can now create a passkey with yet another Apple device. This is possible for all passkey-supported websites on Safari as well as on Chrome.

Guide on how to integrate passkeys on your Apple Watch

Below, you'll find an instruction on how to set up the passkey login for your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to System Settings on your Mac
  2. Check under General if you already installed macOS Ventura
  3. Proceed to Touch ID & Password (wear your Apple watch on your wrist)
  1. Go to and click on Sign up
  2. Create a new account
  1. Check the notification on your Apple watch
  1. Double-Click on the side button of your Apple Watch
  2. Signed In

When are you implementing the new sign-in method?

Since passkeys are already enabled on all Apple devices, it's time to also make browsing on your website even safer and much more user-friendly by fully replacing passwords.

With Corbado's solution, we help to you easily integrate the new sign-in method. Check out our demo and discover how the passwordless future looks like.

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