how can i Integrate passkeys into my ember.js app?

Passkeys with Ember.js

Integrate passkeys into your Ember.js app with our pre-built web component in minutes. Boost your UX and enhance your Ember.js app's security!

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Benefits of our passkey integration

We want to make every Ember.js dev passkey-ready

Simple integration

Simple passkey integration for Ember.js developers with our pre-built web components

All edge cases

The web component comes with fallback solutions for every device and operating system.

Intelligent passkeys

Intelligent passkey detection and management logic shipped with the web component

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Add passkeys to your Ember.js app
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Start offering your users the most secure authentication with our customizable web component for Ember.js.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing authentication or you can use it as the standalone authentication.

<corbado-auth project-id="<Project ID>" conditional="yes">
    <input name="username" id="corbado-username"
        required autocomplete="webauthn"/>
guides and tutorials for Passkey implementation with Ember.js


Ember.js is a robust front-end JavaScript framework dedicated to building ambitious web applications. Known for its convention-over-configuration philosophy, it provides developers with a structured environment, enhancing productivity and ensuring maintainable codebases.

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