Invisible MFA: Secure and user-friendly

Integrate phishing-resistant MFA that your users will not hate

Nobody likes to type in time-based OTPs or request an SMS on each login. We help you add MFA to your product that feels invisible to your users even without passkeys, ensuring it’s also phishing-resistant.

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Secure users with MFA via passkeys and passwordless alternatives

Passkeys are inherently MFA and provide phishing-resistance. In case of non-availability of passkeys, appropriate passwordless alternative and device binding are leveraged to provide secure and convenient MFA.

MFA for every device

Passkeys are inherently 2FA and provide great UX and security. Other devices provide AI-based step-up MFA.

Reduce SMS OTP costs

Start saving money for SMS OTP by securing more of your users with passkeys and other forms of invisible MFA.

PSD2 & SCA compliance

Our solution is compliant with PSD2 requirements regarding strong customer authentication.


MFA and intelligent fallback

Components use capsulate intelligence and allow you to quickly add all needed login features and product intelligence to your app.

Device Management

Device management and binding

Enhanced device management and binding of sessions to devices allows to quickly log in users on known devices.

User Acceptence

Boosting user acceptance

The best security measure is only as strong as the users having to deal with it. We make MFA effortless, so that your users will easily adopt to it.

MFA Fallbacks

Secure MFA fallbacks

Even in the absence of secure passkeys, we provide alternative flows that let you easily fall back to other secure methods.

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