how can i Integrate WebAuthn into my Node.js app?

WebAuthn with Node.js

We help you integrate WebAuthn into your Node.js backend, take care of WebAuthn server settings and provide pre-built web components. Boost your Node.js app’s UX and security now!

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Benefits of our WebAuthn integration

We want to make every Node.js dev WebAuthn-ready

Simple integration

Simple WebAuthn integration for Node.js developers with our pre-built web components

All edge cases

The web component comes with fallback solutions for every device and operating system.

Intelligent WebAuthn

Intelligent WebAuthn management logic shipped with the web component

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Add WebAuthn to your Node.js app
- no prior knowledge required

Start offering your users the most secure authentication with our customizable web component for Node.js.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing authentication or you can use it as the standalone authentication.

const Corbado = require('@corbado/node-sdk');

const projectID = process.env.CORBADO_PROJECT_ID;
const apiSecret = process.env.CORBADO_API_SECRET;

const config = new Corbado.Config(projectID, apiSecret);
const sdk = new Corbado.SDK(config);
guides and tutorials for WebAuthn implementation with Node.js


Node.js is a powerful JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows developers to build scalable and high-performance server-side applications, leveraging event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

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