how can i Integrate WebAuthn into my Golang app?

WebAuthn with Golang

We help you integrate WebAuthn into your Golang backend, take care of WebAuthn server settings and provide pre-built web components. Boost your Golang app’s UX and security now!

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We help you add WebAuthn to your Golang app


Simple Golang integration

We guide you to provide the Golang backend for WebAuthn integration via our REST APIs


Hosted WebAuthn server

Benefit from our hosted WebAuthn server, simplifying WebAuthn integration for your Go app


Pre-built web components

As WebAuthn requires user interaction, we provide pre-built web components to save you time.

WebAuthn beyond the standard

Customize your authentication

WebAuthn is not everything you need in practice scenarios.
We provide all you need for a full authentication solution.

guides and tutorials for WebAuthn implementation with Golang


Golang, also known as Go, is a modern and efficient programming language designed for building scalable and concurrent applications with a focus on simplicity, performance, and strong support for concurrency.

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