how can i Integrate WebAuthn into my Flutter app?

WebAuthn with Flutter

You want to level up your UX and improve your Flutter app's security? Integrate WebAuthn into your Flutter app in minutes with Corbado's passkey packages.

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We want to make every Flutter dev WebAuthn-ready


Easy-to-use WebAuthn WebAuthn package that enables every Flutter developer to implement WebAuthn


Offer Flutter developers the possibility to integrate their own passkey backend to keep full control


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Open-source Flutter WebAuthn package

To make the Internet a safer place, Corbado provides an open-source Flutter passkeys package that you can use with any WebAuthn backend provider (no Corbado services necessary!).
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import 'package:passkeys/relying_party_server/types/authentication.dart';
import 'package:passkeys/relying_party_server/types/registration.dart';

abstract class RelyingPartyServer <Request, Response> {
  /// Initiates the registration by asking for a challenge.
  Future<RegistrationInitResponse> initRegister(Request request);

  /// Completes the registration by sending the solution to the challenge back.
  Future<Response> completeRegister(
    RegistrationCompleteRequest request,

  /// Initiates the authentication by asking for a challenge.
  Future<AuthenticationInitResponse> initAuthenticate(Request request);

  /// Completes the authentication by sending the solution to the challenge
  /// back.
  Future<Response> completeAuthenticate(
    AuthenticationCompleteRequest request,
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