Developer Advocate / Developer Relations (DevEx)

Software Developer. Community Manager. Storyteller.

What we're looking for

Content Creator. Techenthusiast. TikToker.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to free the world from passwords through innovative passkey solutions. At Corbado, you'll be at the forefront of authentication, shaping passkeys as the new login standard. With our developer-first approach, we’ve gained significant traction, with a couple of hundred developer signups monthly. Backed and advised by very experienced Angels, and led by an experienced founder team (with 3rd-time entrepreneurs and 2 successful exits), we're on the path to revolutionize authentication.


  • You should consider yourself a digital native, identify with our mission and respect our values
  • You see yourself as an integral part of the team and do not perform work by the book
  • You don't wait for micromanagement, you know that we trust your personal ownership and take responsibility for tasks and learn about topics
  • You bring in your own ideas and suggestions and make recommendations for action
  • We expect performance and try to help you achieve it, but need ambition, curiosity, punctuality, willingness to learn and motivation from you
  • We really love working in the office, therefore: We are happy to welcome you in the office, because it helps explaining new task and working together as a team (of course working in a hybrid way is also possible)
  • Technical understanding of data security and software engineering is extremly beneficial (mainly to understand how developers think of developer tools)
  • Good English skills (our product is completely in English, as well as the website and our support)


  • Social Media Proficiency: Strong understanding of social media platforms and trends.
  • Creativity: Innovative in presenting our brand and engaging the community.
  • On-Camera Confidence: Comfortable with appearing on camera and skilled in using smartphones and cameras for content creation.
  • Creator Know-How: Proficient in social media creator tools (Instagram, TikTok, Capcut, etc.).
  • Independence and Goal-Orientation: Able to work autonomously towards set objectives.
  • Language Skills: Fluent in English.
  • Passion for Innovation: Excited to be part of a team revolutionizing the authentication industry.

What excites you

  • Closely collaborate with engineering & growth team in early-stage team setup
  • Being an advocate for customer-obsession and BDP workstyle
  • Understand what developers want to see and hear by helping in the design of our product
  • Getting good book recommendations and also reading in your free time to build know-how about UX, product management, startups and growth
  • Most important: Have fun while doing all of those activities and enjoy Munich in the evenings

How to Apply

Become part of our team and build the passwordless future.

Just send an email to including your CV, LinkedIn profile or whatever makes you feel qualified for the job. Add your earliest possible start date and outline your motivation for applying this position in max three sentences. Feel free to keep it short and sweet.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Developer Advocate / Developer Relations (DevEx)





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