Corbado Update: October 31st, 2023

Here's what's been going on in the Corbado labs during the last weeks:

Release of the Corbado Developer Panel App

Release of the Corbado Developer Panel App for passkeys in the Google Play Store.

With the app, developers and product managers can:

  1. Monitor Corbado projects: Access their projects on most important KPIs on-the-go, ensuring continuous oversight.
  2. View and manage users: Directly view and manage their users from their device.
  3. Experience cross-device passkeys: The app exemplifies cross-device passkey authentication, offering a live demonstration of a showcase and management hub for passkeys.

Revision of the passkey list web component

The passkey list web component now displays even more details about all passkeys a user has created: The credential ID as well as information about the original device on which the passkey was created is given.

Constant development of web component and developer panel

French translation of the web component.

Bug fixing in the developer panel.