Corbado Update: January 2024

Here’s what’s been going on in the Corbado labs during the last weeks:

Updated Flutter PasskeysPackage

Flutter Passkeys for Firebase are live in the Extension Hub: Users can now add passkeys to their new or existing Firebase projects.

Extended support for excludeCredentials WebAuthn server option in the Flutter passkeys package.

Release of new Reactand Vanilla JavaScript Components

Release of stable version of @corbado/react and @corbado/web-js packages (v1.0.0).

Updated documentation for these new UI components by providing docs, updating code snippets in the develper panel wizard, READMEs & live examples.

Support for email OTPs as passwordless login method and three verification flows.

Optimization of  developer panel

Cleanup of the login page.

Introduction of a project setup and session wizard to speed up and ease the integration.