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Corbado Update: August 31st, 2023

Here's what's been going on in the Corbado labs during the last weeks:

#1 Introduction of two Corbado products

Introduction of two Corbado products addressing the different needs of app providers:

  • Corbado Complete: Standalone passkey-first auth solution for new apps.
  • Corbado Connect: Adding passkeys to your existing auth solution.

Corresponding adaptation of the website and the developer panel.

#2 Passkey list web component

See all passkeys that a user has created.

Comprehensive and clean overview of passkeys with details like kind of passkey, synchronization in cloud account details and time of creation.

Possibility to delete or rename passkeys according to user’s needs.

#3 Optimization of passkey analyzing tracking script

More robust passkey analyzer script to improve its performance and ensure no impact on your website or app is noticeable.

More filtering functions for passkey-readiness in the Corbado developer panel to better identify which of your users' devices and browsers are passkey-ready.