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Cross-device & Cross-platform

Standard passkeys do not cover all cross-device and cross-platform processes. To save you from dealing with all edge cases, Corbado has you fully covered.

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How does Corbado cover all users & cases?


Fallback methods

If a device does not support passkeys, the best fallback authentication method is used based on your settings and user preferences.



Let your users login from any devices and make use of Corbado's intelligent device detection and management.



Seamlessly let your users jump across Apple, Google & Microsoft platforms when logging into your product.

Fallback methods for passkey authentication
Fallback methods

Stop worrying about your users' hardware

Even though passkeys are backed by Apple, Google and Microsoft not all devices, browsers and platforms provide full support yet (see details). For devices with old hardware even a software update might not be sufficient to fully support passkeys. To provide these users also a convenient and secure login, the following fallbacks are in place (defined by you and Corbado's product intelligence):

  1. Passwordless (e.g. email magic link, SMS OTP)

    To provide a passwordless alternative, you can choose between an email magic link (default), SMS OTP and social logins (soon).

  2. Existing password

    If you have existing users authenticating with a password, we provide webhooks to let these users login with their old password.

  3. Passkey sharing

    If your users have an existing passkey on another device, they can scan a QR code and use their other device's passkey to login.


Use multiple devices for the same account

Most users nowadays access products from multiple devices (e.g. smartphone & laptop). As passkeys are to some degree device-bound and not all devices support passkey synchronization, intelligent device detection and management is required. Corbado comes with solutions for the following scenarios:

  1. All devices sync passkeys via same cloud account

    Corbado automatically detecs that devices are passkey-ready and have synced passkeys, which are used to login. Even new devices which have never been used to login before can securly login via synced passkeys.

  2. One device can't sync passkeys (or only in different cloud)

    If one device cannot sync passkeys or syncs them in a different cloud, then the cross-platform logic is applied (see below).

Cross-device passkeys
Cross-platform passkeys

Access your account from different platforms

Many users have devices with different operating systems not only from one platform (e.g. iPhone and Windows). In this case, the convenient passkey synchronization within one platform (via the respective cloud account) does not work. Nevertheless, Corbado provides you with the following processes to provide your users cross-platform access:

  1. Passkey sharing

    If a passkeys is created on a mobile device already, it can easily be used on another device via the passkey sharing based on QR scans / Bluetooth pairing.

  2. New device confirmation and new passkey creation

    When a user tries to login from a different platform for the first time, Corbado detects that and confirms the login attempt based on the provided identifier (e.g. via email magic link, SMS OTP or legacy password). Then, the devices' passkey-readiness is checked and if positive a new passkey can be created. Future login attempts from this platform can leverage the new passkey (which is also synced if possible).

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